The benefits of solar panels

Solar panels have become increasingly popular in the UK because they allow homeowners to generate a fixed income for the electricity they produce. All payments are through the Government’s feed-in tariff and are guaranteed for 20 years, tax free.

  • Cut your energy bills: As solar panels generate free electricity you’ll be reducing your annual energy bills by hundreds of pounds.
  • Earn a fixed income: Through the Government’s feed-in tariff you’ll be hooked onto the rate of 16p/kWh. This scheme pays you for every unit of renewable energy generated.
  • Sell excess energy to the National Grid: Any electricity that’s not used in your home can be sold to the grid at a set rate of 4.2p/kWh.
  • Guaranteed payments for 25 years: The feed-in tariff guarantees payments for 20 years, from the moment you register. The rate also remains the same from the date your system goes live.
  • Increase property value: Because of the energy benefits solar panels bring, your property will increase in value. Your home will be more appealing to potential buyers, with the prospect of cheaper energy bills.
  • Reduce property’s carbon footprint: As renewable energy is carbon-free, you’ll be reducing emissions and cutting your home’s carbon footprint. This is extremely important in order to ease environmental worries.